Mortgage Preapproval

Mortgage PreApproval

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Mortgage PreApproval

Mortgage PreApproval

Best Rate Mortgage offers a Mortgage PreApproval for those who want a sense of security before entering the home buying market. Many Realtors and Home Sellers require a Mortgage PreApproval from their prospective buyers.   With this in mind, Best Rate Mortgage strives to make the PreApproval Process as simple as possible. With a PreApproval from Best Rate Mortgage, you will be house shopping with the highest level of confidence.

Whether you have already found a home, or are still searching, a PreApproval through Best Rate Mortgage can be had in just a few easy minutes. By calling 617-921-2153 or emailing PREAPPROVAL@BESTRATEMONEY.COM today, one of our licensed Mortgage Originators will process your Mortgage PreApproval request immediately 7 days a week.

The amount that you qualify for may be bound by the local loan limitations for certain types of properties.  FHA and Conventional Conforming loans have loan limits depending on the county and the property type of the particular home .For further research on these loan limits, you can look up your desired home at HUD loan limits.

Documentation such as Paystubs, Photo ID, Bank Statements and W-2 or 1040 Tax Returns are the most commonly required documents for a Mortgage PreApproval. Best Rate Mortgage accepts these and other documents by way of Fax, Email, Upload, Mail or in Person. Personal Information including Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Current Address and full name are also required for Credit Report access.

Provided that Credit, Asset and Income requirements are met, you will receive your Mortgage PreApproval in minutes! Your PreApproval includes the amount you qualify for,  the mortgage payment, the prevailing interest rate at the time of the Mortgage PreApproval as well as the estimated monthly tax and insurance payments.  All costs should be considered when calculating your comfort level with respect to a mortgage you can afford.

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