Cash Out Refinance

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Cash Out Refinance

Cash Out Refinance

A Home Mortgage Refinance can be used to  lower your  monthly mortgage payment, reduce the term of your mortgage,  or grant you cash from the equity in your home. The mortgage refinance has become increasingly popular as interest rates have remained low and home values high.

Refinance programs are most commonly known as either  “Cash Out” or “Rate and Term.”  A Cash Out Refinance  is when you borrow cash from the equity in your home.  A Rate and Term Refinance is when you take advantage of lower rates to either lower your monthly payment or shorten the term of the loan.

Interest rates are  generally higher for a Cash Out Refinance.  Other factors that may impact the interest rate of a Cash Out Refinance would be the ratio between the proposed loan balance and the current home value (LTV) or FICO credit scores of the borrower.

Most Cash Out Mortgage Loans have standard rates if kept under 60% LTV.  However, once the 60% threshold is breached, the interest rates rise quite rapidly.

People often utilize the cash out refinance to purchase other items with cash or to consolidate existing debt.  When consolidating other debt, by extending the term and hopefully decreasing the rate,  monthly payments can become much more manageable.

In addition the more common refinance programs listed above, we also offer HUD insured Renovation and Home Addition refinance Mortgage  programs.  These refinance programs allow you borrow based on the assumption of the increased value of the completed renovation or addition project.  This allows homeowners to tap into equity that they otherwise would have no access to.  These refinance loans do require a fully licensed contractor, contractor references, contractor estimates, and permits.  Funds are dispersed at intervals throughout the project.  An approved consultant is required when rehab or addition costs  exceed $35,000

Best Rate Mortgage offers refinance mortgage loans  for owner and non-owner occupied single family homes,  condominiums,   and multifamily apartment buildings.   We do not offer mortgage loans for land, commercial buildings, or single wide trailers